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Kigai Karate Club was established in 2013 by Sensei William Graham. The club consist of two dojo’s, one at The Wilds Estate (Clubhouse) and the other dojo at Grootfontein Country Estate, both located in Pretoria East. The club name ‘Kigai’ (気概 or きがい), is a Japanese term for ‘strong spirit’. It is referred to as someone who has mettle in him/her. In other words, someone who has a strong willed temper that will confront difficulty voluntarily, an ability to cope well with difficulties; spirit, resilience and toughness. The Kigai Karate club focuses mainly on the strict, traditional art of Shotokan JKA Karate, but is also involved with the sporting side, therefore tournaments are regularly attended.

The club is affiliated with SAJKA (South African Japan Karate Association) as well as WKF (World Karate Federation), KSA (Karate South Africa), GKF (Gauteng Karate Federation) and Tshwane Karate.


The vision for the club is to build/provide self-confident students who are mentally strong & resilient, where they can confront everyday life & self-defence situations with a strong spirited attitude. For students to develop a love for karate and general martial arts which is grounded on foundational values and morals. For the club to consistently grow and be managed in a professional manner, in a system which is sustainable.


  • All instructors to set the example and be the role models.
  • Through systematic training
  • Applying discipline in class
  • Progression in the toughness of classes
  • Building fitness
  • Self-improvement of instructors


To teach students in a safe & friendly environment, with compassion, dignity & respect. For students not only to learn self-defence & improve fitness, concentration & physical development, but more importantly to foster courage, self-confidence, discipline, courtesy & dedication.


Pretoria East & George Karate Club passionate in teaching & developing students mental and physical well-being. Professional training for all children from +3 years & older. Improves: Self-Defence, Stress Relief, Fitness, Concentration, Self-Confidence & Discipline

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Learn to defend against school bullying, to disable, immobilize and protect yourself against an attacker.

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Stress Relief

Endorphins release from engaging in sparring, while learning and practicing new skills, no time to think of the days’ problems

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An all-round fitness, improving cardio, mobility, balance, endurance, & strength. As well as improving perception and reaction time.

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 Karate requires a high level of attention, therefore classes are routine & structured.

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Knowing how to defend yourself, reduces anxiousness in your surrounding and among peers.

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In order to learn and grow with your self-defense abilities, you have to develop your self-discipline.



(The Wilds Security Estate – C/O De Villebois Mareuil & Atterbury)


16:30 – 17:00 / Dinky’s (3-5 yrs)

17:00 – 18:00 | Beginners \ White – Orange

 17:45 – 18:45  | Green – Red

18:45 – 20:00 | Brown & Black


 (Grootfontein Country Estate – 288 Anton Street)


16:30 – 17:00 / Dinky’s (3-5 yrs)

17:00 – 17:45 | Beginners \ White – Orange

17:45 – 18:45  | Green – Red

18:45 – 20:00 | Brown & Black


 (George Showgrounds – Airport rd R102, SA Sports League Facility)


14:30 – 15:00: Dinky’s (4-5yrs)
(Monday & Wednesdays only)

15:00 – 16:00: Beginners / White – Orange

16:00 – 17:00: Green & Red

Brown – Back: TBA

Our Instructors

Sensei William started his karate career in 1990 and has over 28 years of karate experience. He has taught karate for over 12 years; competed nationally and internationally in both traditional and sports karate. Sensei William also trained in Scotland for 2 years and has a general interest in other martial arts being a temporary practitioner in Krav Maga, boxing, Mutai and Kung Fu. Sensei William is currently a 5th Dan (black belt/Godan).

Annerien started doing karate when she was 10 years old.  After 6 years of karate she had to stop due to a knee injury.  During those 6 years she received her provincial colours and numerous inter-club awards in kata and kumite.  She was also fortunate to be graded under the late sensei Eddie Dorey – who was an early pioneer of Shotokan karate in South Africa.In 2014 she reintegrated with karate and
obtained her Shodan in 2016.

 Sensei Heilethe is our Little Ninjas (3-5 year olds) karate instructor. Her passion for teaching inspires our mini karatekas to greatness. Sensei Heilethe manages our Grootfontein branch and is also involved at The Wilds branch. Since starting her karate journey in 2012, she has obtained her Shodan in 2017, achieved numerous district & provincial tournament titles as well as being a SAJKA gold medallist (2014) and competitor in 2015, KSA Zone 6 tournament. She is currently preparing for her Nidan grading in 2021

Sempai Robin karate journey started in 2018, after deciding to train with his son & daughter. He has always had a passion for teaching and coaching, and started to instruct the white-orange belts in 2019, in a fun but disciplined way. His passion and enthusiasm for the sport is passed on to his fellow students. Senpai Robin has also received his SAJKA Gauteng North colours in 2019.

Senpai John-Matthew started his karate journey in 2009 when he was only 4 years old.  Sempai John-Matthew is one of our junior Instructors who assists with the Little Ninjas class, as well as teaching higher belts at both The Wilds & Grootfontein dojos. As a Junior Black belt, and Tshwane & Gauteng gold medalist with SAJKA National Colours, he is now busy preparing for his Shodan.

Sempai Heinrich started this year as one of our junior instructors. Heinrich is a committed and enthusiastic instructor, teaching our yellow and orange belts in the beginners class.

Sempai Lara is our other junior instructor. She does wonderful with the kids in the first class, her energetic attitude brings much liveliness in the classes.


Senpai Nathan is our other junior assistant instructor. His energy and confidence is passed on to his fellow students and those he teaches. As a confident red belt, he assists with our white-green belts.

Sempai Amy started her Karate Journey in 2018. In 2019, her passion for Karate continued as an assistant instructor for the white-yellow belts. Her soft and kind nature can be seen when teaching and helping a new student to feel welcome. The confidence Karate has given her is passed onto others she instructs and trains with. She has also received her Gauteng colours and medaled at the SAJKA National Championship.





Heian Shodan

Heian Nidan

Heian Sandan

Heian Yondan

Heian Godan

Tekki Shodan

Bassai dai



Kanku Dai


Tekki Nidan

Tekki Sandan


JKA Gohan Kumite

5-step sparring

JKA Sanbon Kumite

3-step sparring

JKA Kihon Ippon Kumite

1-step sparring

JKA Jiyu Ippon Kumite

Semi-free 1-step sparring

JKA Jiyu Kumite

WKF Jiyu Kumite

All Styles

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