Terms & Conditions

All karateka are subject to the rules and regulations of the Kigai Karate Club.

  1. Karate is a contact sport with the possibility of physical injury. Training is therefore done at own risk; however, the utmost care is taken to ensure that no karateka is being put at serious risk during the training sessions.
  2. The Sensei (Sensei William Graham) as well as other instructors of the class needs to be informed of any medical conditions of a karateka BEFORE THE CLASS.
  3. Karateka’s will not be allowed to participate in training if such training will impair their health in any way.
  4. Please, no parents allowed inside the dojo’s while class training or grading takes place, except if otherwise informed by Sensei William.
  5. Correct karate outfit should be worn to class, full karate gi & belt or karate pants, belt & club shirt.
  6. No jewellery, armbands, watches, shoes or other t-shirts except club issued may be worn.
  7. No chewing gum allowed.
  8. It is the responsibility of each karateka (or parent, if the karateka is younger than 12 years of age) to sign the karate register before or after each class.
  9. No grading for the karateka will take place unless the karateka’s grading, monthly & yearly registration fees have been paid in full and up to date, the Karate Life Book and other required documents have been handed to Sensei William before the requested date.
  10. Karateka should at least have done 30 karate classes per semester to be allowed to grade and pass the fitness test.
  11. If Karate Life Book is lost, registration fees and Life Book should be purchased again.
  12. Yearly payments are payable up until 31 January 2020.
  13. Quarterly payments are payable on the 1st day of each starting month of the new quarter. whether it be a public holiday, Saturday or Sunday. Extension will be granted until the 3rd of the starting month. A fine of R100/week will be added to all late payments.
  14. Monthly payments are payable on the 1st day of each month, whether it be a public holiday, Saturday or Sunday. Extension will be granted until the 3rd of each month. A fine of R100/week will be added to all late payments.
  15. Cash payments (in envelope) can be made before or after Please make sure that you receive a receipt before leaving.
  16. EFT payments are welcome; indicate via reference the details (name – description) for the payment.
  17. No cheques will be accepted.
  18. *Please keep all other payments, i. e. registration fees, competition fees, grading fees, etc. separate from the class fees, as these must be processed separately.
  19. The month of December is payable even though the dojo closes early in December.
  20. Monthly fees are payable, regardless of classes not attended due to sport, work or other related activities.
  21. If katateka resigns from the Kigai Karate Club, class fees will be payable till the month the karateka has informed Sensei William of resigning. If karateka do not inform Sensei William of resining, it is accepted that karateka is still member and trainee of Kigai Karate club, and liable for class fees.
  22. Should a student terminate membership from the club & have paid the full year package, 70% will be refunded on the amount of the months that are left in the year.
  23. Any administrative enquiries should be directed to Sensei William, BEFORE or AFTER class, or via electronic mail. The instructor of the class may also be consulted.
  24. This contract should be handed into Sensei William, before or after class (or via electronic mail), and should be accompanied by the necessary registration fees.
  25. All non-residents training at The Wild Clubhouse should adhere to the rules and regulations of the estate: